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Four Paws strive not only to look after your pets good looks by regular professional grooming but, also it's personal well being and welfare. We want you to feel relaxed knowing your pride and joy is in excellent hands.


Our Promise to you is that your dog:

  • Will get one to one attention
  • Will not be left unattended
  • Will be loved and respected
  • We will inform you of any problems
  • Will be given free health check i.e. gums, skin, ears, teeth etc
  • We will respect your wishes and to the best of our ability groom and return your dog happy and well groomed.

Your dog and your custom is very important to us.


Thank you
Four Paws Staff & Management

1. Dog Grooming

Includes cut, wash, dry, dematt, comb, hand stripping, ears, eye's & nails.


2. Hand Stripping Specialists

Plucking out the old, dead outer coat, so new wire hair comes through.

3. Nail Clipping

Nail trimming is important for the long-term health of all dogs, not just canine athletes. Overgrown nails can break easily and below the quick, which can be very painful for the dog. Long-term overgrowth can cause difficulty with walking, pain and soreness and eventually contribute to the development of arthritis.

Nail Clipping

4. Anal Glands

When anal glands are full, this can cause irratation causing your dog to drag it's bottom on flooring and can also cause your dog to bite around the tail area. Emptying the anal gland can give great relief to your dog.

Anal Glands

5. Clipping and Styling

This is to keep your dog matt free and keep it in a good condition. Matted hair attracts fleas, paracites etc which can be detrimental to a dogs health and well-being. Regular grooming greatly eliminates this risk.

6. Bathing and Styling

Regular bathing helps to keep your dog smelling fresh, thus eliminating nasty doggy odours in your home. It also keeps their coats in a good healthy condition. We recommend a bath & tidy every 6 weeks, which is also known as inbetween full grooms.


7. Bathing and Conditioning

This includes a normal bath plus a full health check i.e. teeth, gums, skin, nails etc as these can often mask a more serious condition in your dog. You will be advised if we feel your dog needs a checkup with you regular vet.

8. All Breeds

As it says, we do all breeds of dogs, small to large, larger dogs may not fit in our hydrobath and will probably need to be collected and delivered. Please contact before hand if you have a large dog i.e. burmese mountain dog, saint bernard etc.

9. Wash 'n Go

This is when you only require a wash with no drying etc. We will blast dry your dog, so that the dog is not left wet.

10. Bath and Tidy

This is for the in between grooming, your dog will be bathed, dried and the coat tidied. You cannot use this if your dog has not been groomed for more than three months, because after a period of three months, a dogs coat normally becomes matted and knotted and thus normally requiring a full groom. Including in this, we not only bath and tidy but your dog will have its ears done and a health check is done as well.

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